Free Sound Friday: AbletonOp SPKTRL FX

Ableton Live Spectral Effect Rack Free Download

Happy Friday,

I know it’s been a little quiet around here, so to make up for it, I’m giving you my super sweet spectral effect rack pack for FREE.

AbletonOp SPKTRL FX are a series of audio effects based on splitting the input into different ranges of the audio spectrum, and then manipulating those ranges independently. The SPKTRL FX come in two varieties, 5 Band and 9 Band. There are some redundancies between the two, but the limit of 8 macros lead to implementing control of the effects in different ways.

There are also two blank racks of each. One with fixed frequency bands, and one with adjustable crossover control. I encourage you to insert your own effects and experiment with the different possibilities.

The download will contain a Live project file with 2 group tracks (5 Band and 9 Band). In the groups, you will find each of the various spectral effects. I’ve placed a simple saw wave synth (Simpler) before the effects so you can hear how each one works.

Be sure to open the Live Info View. I’ve left notes about each of the racks in there. Simply hover your mous over the title bar of the rack to reveal the notes.

Free Sound Friday: Concepts 01

I often spend time just imagining different types of sound scenarios and then try to figure out how I can use Live’s tools to create those sounds. Today’s Free Sound Friday is a little exercise in macro mapping. The idea was simple, create a drum rack type instrument, that would play a noise swell, that I could also have control over the time of the swell and then release with a cymbal crash. But I didn’t want a normal time control that sets a pre-determined length as this would be difficult to gauge. I wanted more of a scrub type control. Now it would be easy to create an operator patch that just played noise and had a volume knob. But I wanted to do this with a reversed cymbal sound so I would need to use simpler.

Again, this rack is meant to be placed on a drum pad for a live finger drumming scenario. I would encourage you to examine what the macro is mapped to and how it is manipulating those parameters. Hopefully it will inspire you to create something that utilizes macros in a way you haven’t thought of before.

Thanks for choosing

photo by: stuartpilbrow

Free Sound Friday: Drive by Daniel Butler

It’s Friday, so we thought it about time to give you a lil somethin’ somethin’. Today’s FSF comes courtesy of Daniel Butler. Daniel is a regular contributor to the AbletonOp store.

AbletonOp – Daniel Butler – Drive (Free)


  • Macro 1 – Chorus Feed/DW: This macro allows you to change the feedback and dry/wet values of Chorus.
  • Macro 2 – Delay Feed/DW: This macro allows you to change the feedback and dry/wet values of the delay.
  • Macro 3 - Erosion Freq/Am: This macro allows you to change the frequency and amount values of Erosion.
  • Macro 4 - Filter Freq/Q: This macro allows you to change the frequency and resonance of the low pass filter.
  • Macro 5 – Cabinet On/DW: This macro allows you to change the dry/wet values of Cabinet while triggering the device on its minimum parameter value.
  • Macro 6 – OD/Tone: This macro allows you to change the drive and tone values of Overdrive.


Free Sound Friday: Acoustique!


Here’s a rack Kendall made from a harmonically rich guitar sample. It can be used in a wide variety of contexts, and does superbly in ambient tracks, soundscapes, or atonal work.

Acoustique is a sample based instrument using Live’s Sampler. The sample is of a clearly struck tone amidst a soft bead of finger picking on an acoustic guitar. Because of this, playing a single note on your keyboard produces a chord rather than a single tone (Like using the MIDI Chord plug in). Using the Morphing Filter in Sampler, along with the Amp Envelope and some effects processing, this rack can create some really beautiful ambient tones.

The rack is available at the AbletonOp Store until next Friday!

2 Minute Tips from AfroDJMac

The Ableton Live community is a great one and we’ve made some good friends with other artists and bloggers who share our love for Live. AfroDJMac is one of them. Known for his free racks and quick tip videos and frequently featured on the Ableton Blog, AfroDJMac is spreading cool knowledge and always sporting his cool shades.

Cool Shades

Here’s one of his 2 minute tips on how to customize your workflow with Drum racks. Thanks AfroDJMac.

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Free Sound Friday: Jordie Shier Patch Submission

Today’s Free Sound Friday comes from one of our patch contest participants. Jordie Shier created a fun little synth patch that is really fun to jam live. Here’s the run down:


Macro 1 – Mutate 1
Macro 2 – Mutate 2
Macro 3 – Delay Amount
Macro 4 – Distortion
Macro 5 – Tremble – Auto Pan Amount
Macro 6 – Tremble Rate
Macro 7 – Time Warp. Changes the delay time (Tape Mode)
Macro 8 – Reverb Amount

Jordie produces music as Neon Filter. You can check out more of his sounds on his Soundcloud.

Free Download: Frequencies of Notes Table

Notes and frequencies table screenshot

I spent a few minutes putting together data I found on the MTU Physics website into a table. This will be super useful for those of you that want detailed control over your sound spectrums. The table is hosted on Google Docs and you can download and print it from there — it fits on a single 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.

It includes all Western scale notes in equal tempered tuning based on A4 = 440 Hz and the speed of sound through an air medium being 345 m/s. It’s not guaranteed to work underwater or in space!

If you just want the PDF, download it right over here!


Free Sound Friday: WavX 02

It’s Friday and May the Fourth be with you! Also may you complete your quest wielding our newest synth patch, WavX 02. Built upon the same principals as WavX 01, version 2 offers a different flavor of wavetable-y goodness.

You will be able to purchase the WavX 02 in the AbletonOp web store. Until then, here’s a free sample pack to hold you over.

Thanks for choosing

Free Sound Friday: Smart Arp

It’s Friday. 4/20. Do you know where your children are?

Hopefully they’re hard at work brushing up on their Ableton chops. And so to aid you in that process, here is a nice little MIDI Effect Rack that I call the Smart Arp. It utilizes Live’s Chord, Arpeggiator, and Scale devices to let you easily craft arpeggios with a single finger. Just select the root key of the track, the scale that you’d like to play, and play the root note of the chord that you wish to arpeggiate. AbletonOp’s Smart Arp takes care of the rest.

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Free Sound Friday: WavX 01 Free Sample Pack

Look out, It’s Friday the 13th! Here are some free sample loops made from the AbletonOp WavX 01. The WavX 01 is a multi-sampled instrument that simulates wavetable and granular techniques using evolving samples as the wav content, instead of single cycle wave forms. The instrument uses small loops to sweep through the different sections of the source sample creating a very dynamic and interesting range of textures.

You will be able to purchase the WavX 01 in the AbletonOp web store when it launches.

Free Sound Friday: Deep House Starter Kit

Deep House Kite Lite Rack

I’ve compiled for you a collection of samples from an upcoming AbletonOp product “Deep House Kit.” Basically, I emulated a bunch of basic sounds I hear in a lot of deep house in Operator, added a few effects of my own, and sampled some chords with them.

This rack of 11 samples will give you what you need to write a bass line or chord progression, and in the right hands, you could make some sexy house music.

Here are the samples included:

Each sample is a specific note or chord, so in order to play it on a synth, drag the sample into a Sampler/Simpler of your choice. I have bundled them all in a drum rack, but I recommend working directly with the “Samples” folder.

Free Sound Friday: AbletonOp Real X-Stick Lite

This week’s FSF continues in my pursuit to create realistic dynamic drum racks. This edition of the AbletonOp Real series is the X-Stick Lite. The X-Stick Lite features three different types of snare drum cross sticks. I’ve been listening to a lot of future garage and bass music lately, and while I love the old 707 cross stick sound, sometimes you need something a little more organic.

This rack also features reverb, vinyl distortion, and of course, a Low Pass Filter.

Keep your eye out for the full version of AbletonOp Real X-Stick hitting the shelf soon.

Thanks for choosing AbletonOp.

Free Sound Friday: The Qin

No, it’s not Friday, but I’ve got a free patch for you, so stop complaining! The reason for keeping the title “Friday” is so that all our free downloads are searchable.

This one comes to you from China, and includes 16 high-quality samples of Li Xiangting playing the Guqin instrument, a Chinese type of zither. Trust me, you’ll recognize it when you hear it. While this is a pretty unconventional sound, and not nearly as popular as other world instruments (like the sitar, African drums, etc.), I think it could add some nice flavor to an ambient track or breakdown.

I’ve been listening to a bunch of Chinese and Japanese classical music recently, and may bring you a similar rack in the future. For now, hit the jump for previews of the sixteen samples and a download link! Continue reading →

Free Sound Friday: DubZilla

Here’s a new weapon for your arsenal. DubZilla uses Live’s Operator synth along with the Vinyl and Frequency Shifter effects. Throw a delay on the end of it and you’ve got one crazy noise maker. Lots of variety in this one ranging from the subtle to the the extreme. This synth will be a new favorite of both dub artists and noise junkies alike. There’s even something in there for the tech house and electro producers. Continue reading →