Sell your Live devices on AbletonOp!

Since opening the AbletonOp Store, we’ve realized that there’s a lot of Ableton Live talent out there, and that’s something we’d like to reward. We are now offering any Live producer the opportunity to sell what they make in Live on our store.

You take 70% of each sale of your product, and you get to choose the price (though we’ll be happy to set the price for you if you don’t want to deal with it). You can sell an unlimited amount of products through us, so send ‘em over!

This is a really easy process. Let me step you through it:

  1. Go through old presets until you find one cool enough to distribute.
  2. Wrap it in an Instrument/Effect Rack and set the Macros to useful parameters. We don’t want to have to dig inside the racks to get dynamic effects. Color the Macros as well, it looks cooler that way. :)
  3. Record some samples showcasing the diversity of your instrument/effect rack (this can be done by making a new Audio track, setting Audio In to the rack’s track, and playing MIDI clips through the one while recording the other. These samples are then saved, and you can see the file name by hovering over the clip).
  4. Take a screenshot of the rack.
  5. Clean up your Live project, and save it as Your Name – Your Device Name.
  6. Zip up the project file (.als), the device preset file (.adg), the samples, and the screenshot.
  7. Write a long description of the product, and a short description. Check out one of our current products for an example.
  8. Send it to along with your name (or producer name), your PayPal email, and the descriptions of the product.

That’s it! If you already have the racks made (and I recommend saving every rack you make!), this process should take maybe five minutes.

Once your rack has been approved and uploaded to the AbletonOp store, you will receive a PayPal payment once a month with your cut of the sales.

For more detailed information on selling stuff in the AbletonOp store, check out the Sell Your Stuff page. If you have any questions about the process, let us know! We’re happy to help you get your products out where everyone can see them. :)

In addition, we accept rack donations. Any rack provided to us for free will be placed on a Free Sound Friday waitlist, possibly modified by us. You will be credited and linked to, though.

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