AbletonOp & EditorsKeys’ Synth Patch Challenge

Greetings readers. You may have seen our review of the new EditorsKeys Ableton Keyboard. Well the generous folks at EditorsKeys were kind enough to ship us a few of their new keyboards which will be the prize of our first ever competition.

Synth Patch Competition Guidlines

  1. All patches mus be made with Native Ableton plugins. Any and all Ableton synths and effects are fair game.
  2. You MAY NOT use any Ableton Synth Presets. Synths should be programmed from scratch.
  3. You MAY NOT use any samples that you did not create. Sampler is a powerful tool that we would hate to leave out. But know that it will be very obvious if you just multi sampled a patch from Massive or some other soft synth.
  4. Only 8 Macros. Patches should make use of Racks. We will use the 8 Macros of the Instrument Rack as a challenge limitation. You may by all means use nested racks for more advanced inner-patch control, but racks will be judged in the “closed” state of the outer most rack.

Judging Criteria

We will be judging racks based on creative rack design and performability. Winning racks will be dynamic, have a wide range of sounds, and will be fun to play live. So in essence, we’re looking for maximum tweak-ability, given the 8 macro limitation.

What You Get

  • The 2 best patch creators will receive an EditorsKeys Ableton Keyboard
  • The top 10 patches will be uploaded to AbletonOp for the following Free Sound Friday
  • The best producers might get deals to sell their stuff in the upcoming AbletonOp store!

How To Prep Your File For Submission

  • When you are finished creating your patch, delete any excess tracks so that your project contains only one channel, the one containing the patch submission.
  • Rename the Instrument Rack “Name – AbletonOp Patch Contest”
  • Perform a “Collect All And Save”
  • Close Live and locate the project folder.
  • Rename this project as follows, “Name – AbletonOp Patch Contest”
  • Compress the entire project folder into a .zip file.
  • Email the file or a download link to the file to: with the subject: “AbletonOp Patch Contest”.
  • BONUS: Link us to samples of you playing the patch on YouTube or SoundCloud! You know the instrument better than us, so show it off for us!

Please include the following information about yourself in the email:

  • Name
  • Origin (City/State/Country)
  • Genre you’re digging on lately
  • How long have you been using Ableton
  • Controller / weapon of choice
  • Why you love :)

The entries are due next Wednesday, 16 May. We will accept entries all day Wednesday, start judging them Thursday, and post the results on Friday.

Well I think that about covers it. Good luck, and happy experimenting!

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