HUGE Ableton Productivity Hack: Sibling Mapping

Copy value to siblings

This is the biggest timesaver I’ve discovered so far when it comes to making tracks in Live.

Are you ever frustrated when building drum racks, and setting the same value for every sample in the rack? I know I was. I used to have all of my drum samples at 70% velocity, and -18 dB volume. This meant changing two parameters on every sample.

Eventually I found I could just make one sample, set its values, duplicate it (hold down alt and click and drag the sample to another spot), and then drop another sample into that slot — as long as the new sample is dropped onto the waveform, it doesn’t reset the volume & velocity values.

What about effect rack building, when you have several chains of effects in the same rack, and you want to map all of them at the same time? If I were to build a delay rack with multiple types of grain delay in each chain, I would still want to control Dry/Wet of each chain from a single Macro. I can do it manually, by mapping each Grain Delay’s “Dry/Wet” parameter to the same macro, but that takes forever!

This Options.txt hack makes things so much easier!

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Create a new text file with your favorite text editor.
  2. Write this in it, verbatim: -EnableMapToSiblings=1
  3. Save it in /User/Library/Preferences/Ableton/Live 8.x.x/ (on a Mac) or C:/Documents and Settings/yourusername/Application Data/Ableton/Live/Preferences (on Windows)
  4. Open Live and map things to siblings!

Copy value to siblings

In a drum rack or effect chain, find a value you want to copy to the rack’s siblings and right click on it and select “Copy Value to Siblings”:

Copy value to siblings

Instantly, the value is copied to all the other Operators in the rack:

Values are copied to siblings

Map to siblings

If you are mapping a parameter to a rack’s macro, you can easily copy that mapping to all siblings. Simply map one of the parameters:

Map one sibling

Right click on it, and select map to siblings:

Map to all siblings

And presto! all the other siblings’ volume parameters are mapped:

All siblings mapped

This is an amazing timesaver! Stop repeating your actions and straining your wrists and write an Options.txt file right now!

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