Destroy your sound with a Destruction Effects Rack

Destruction Effects Rack

Depending on what genre you play, you may or may not find yourself in need of sonic destruction. For those of you requiring such an element in your music, look no further than this destruction rack. It’s easy to use and simple to expand, a perfect addition to any DJ’s or producer’s arsenal. Hit the jump for details and a free rack.

Here’s how the rack works:

  1. There are 3 effects (can be expanded to more if you wish) — “Falling Down”, a 32nd-note descending effect using Beat Repeat; “Erode”, a combination of Erosion and Vinyl Distortion; and “Grain Delay”, a simple custom Grain Delay effect (I recommend tweaking this to your liking).
  2. The fourth macro is a global delay knob, which activates a Ping Pong delay on each of the effects.
  3. If none of the three effects are turned on, you won’t hear any delay.
  4. The “Dry” knob controls the level of the dry signal. To play just the effected music, turn this down.
  5. The “Kill” macro kills the input signal of the three effects. With Global Delay enabled, this allows you to let the effect fade out organically, rather than manually turning down the effect macro.
  6. There are two extra slots for you to put in your own effects. Get to it, and destroy your sound!

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11 comments on “Destroy your sound with a Destruction Effects Rack

  1. ESSBEEDEE on said:

    I’m likin the sound of this rack guys!! I’m thinking of using it in my Live Set i’ve been blogging about.

    Do you think it would work best on the master channel for me? Or maybe I could group a few decks together like the bass kick and percussion and apply the rack to that?

    • Steven Campbell on said:

      If I were you, I’d use two instances of the rack — one on the master (don’t overdo it!), and one on an aggregate of the drum sounds, so you can destroy the rhythmic stuff while the harmonic part remains.

  2. I can’t load the preset! It says that it’s “probably broken”.. What to do?

  3. Mine also says “probably broken”, I’d really like to use this rack, is there a way to fix this?

    • Steven Campbell on said:

      This is most likely because you’re using an older version of Live. Try updating, maybe, and if the problem persists, let us know.

  4. Ben M on said:

    So I have downloaded it, where do I put in a mac based system?

    • Steven Campbell on said:

      Drag the rack file into a Live set from Finder, and you should be good to go.

  5. Denis on said:

    Hi,i am using ableton 7 and it’s broken…is it only for ableton 8 ?

  6. StreetSpirit on said:

    thanks for the rack man, looks good.

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