Sexy Funk Guitar with Ableton’s Tension

Warning: free rack inside!

I play in an electronic space-funk group called Spaceman Superstars. Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. We’re working on some material to start playing some more shows — we’re basically a brand new band. For our most recent song, He’s Invisible, we decided we needed a funk guitar. Here’s what the chorus sounded like without the funk guitar:

And now, with the guitar:

Here’s the guitar loop itself:

This is actually the first time I’ve ever played with Tension seriously — before I had just used the presets to add ethnic string flavor into my tracks. I never thought sounds like this “sexy funk guitar” patch were even possible in Live!

I still don’t fully understand Tension; I mostly just fiddle around with the knobs until I get something out of it. But I do understand the aim of Tension — expression. It accomplishes this by making tiny details of the instrument responsive to velocity or key, and by making every part of the sound editable. You don’t get this kind of control in Operator or Analog.  It’s a wonderful device, I intend on cracking its secrets soon enough.

Anyway! Here’s the patch — Sexy Funk Guitar. feel free to use it in your own projects. Send us links (or comment on the post) if you use our instruments, we love to hear our stuff out there in the wild!

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7 comments on “Sexy Funk Guitar with Ableton’s Tension

  1. alexandre on said:

    really nice stuff

  2. Ayso on said:

    nice! ive never done anything with tension yet so im lookin forward to reverse engineering this patch lol

  3. John Tague on said:

    Very cool.

  4. Harald Jacobsen on said:

    Gee, thanks a lot dude, and nice sounding tune :)

  5. Chris Brass on said:

    Great stuff, I love it !! Ableton is a must for composers as DJs !!!
    Please discover my new track composed with Ableton Live software :

  6. surfmuse on said:

    Thanks! Love this and stuff like it.

  7. Lexx on said:

    Да.Понравилось. Приятный мотив!

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